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Our BEST SELLER the original Apple & Oat biscuit has been available for over 12 years and has proven to be a simple yet very flavorful biscuit. Dogs love them, even the picky eaters, because of their fresh herbal smell, which smells like pizza (yum!).


Veterinarian recommended, hypoallergenic, low-fat and low-protein – perfect for dogs with kidney issues and or those needing a low-protein, low-fat treat. Our Apple & Oat Biscuits are perfect for dogs with sensitive tummies, night-time stomach bile issues, or dogs who are overweight.

Made with Bob’s Red Mill certified gluten-free oats. For most dogs oats are very easy to digest, acting as a digestive aid to calm the intestinal tract and are low on the glycemic index.


Certified Gluten-Free oats means the machinery that mills the oats have been cleared and cleaned of any other gluten grains, oats by nature are naturally gluten-free.



Apple & Oat 11oz

  • Certified Gluten-Free Oats, Bell Peppers, Apples, Spices, Water; Protein 6%, Fat 2.4%, Fiber 12.25%, Moisture 5.33%

  • 11.4 oz


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